Monday, November 29, 2010

Colossal Art

Everyone loves movies. Movies are great, right? Well, I love movies just as much as the next guy. (Probably a little bit more actually.) But what I'm particularly fond of are those crazy artistic movies. (Pink Floyd: The Wall) What I mean is that I love movies that can be considered pieces of art, whether it be by the visual effects, a well constructed plot, or even the music; I love movies that capture the imagination and can be considered a true form of art. (Across the Universe, Seven Samurai, etc.)

What a lot of people don't realize is that a video game is just as capable of having as much artistic value as a Hollywood blockbuster. (Yes, I'm blogging about video games. First time since Final Fantasy XIII.(Which was back in MARCH.))

Like most people in this crowded world, I once shared the idea that video games were nothing more than a useful pass-time where one had the ability to put a chainsaw into another persons face and get away with it; and like most people, I did not realize that a video game could be so much more.

In fact, I didn't even acknowledge this possibility until I came across a game by the title, "Shadow of the Colossus."

The exact date was March 15th, 2005... just kidding. I don't remember when it was. But seriously, the date was sometime around March in the year 2005... that's what I remember at least. I could be wrong. I have a memory made out of poo, so I'm usually wrong about this crap.

Anyways... so yes. I was just a poor little boy at Wal-Mart looking at a television when they suddenly showed this trailer of some guy riding a horse, and fighting a giant bear-like monster that was made out of stone. It looked awesome, and to make it even better looking, it was a video game! (As a child, I played more video games than you would ever think humanly possible.)

So there was this video game on the television screen, and it looked awesome. Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, the game was called, "Shadow of the Colossus." And when I got home that day the first thing I did was get online and look up the game so I could show it to my older sister, Jackie.
.. well, I did show it to Jackie; but she didn't have any interest in the game. She claimed that the game looked out-dated, and appeared like it was pointless. "Jackie," I said,"There are giant monster-things that you can kill with a sword, and you can ride a horse! Who cares?!" But despite my efforts, she still didn't seem convinced.

I had eventually forgotten about the game until my brother, Chris, rented it. From the moment I played that game I have had a respect for it. The game demands that you respect it's artistic style and vision of a lost forgotten world. The opening title alone was enough to have me instantly glued to my seat. Check it out:

The cinematic appeal is the first thing that caught my attention. Next, the breath taking soundtrack and artistic visuals. But what really caught my attention was the game's plot.

To start things off, the game's plot features about twenty sentences of spoken dialogue... in other words, there's next to no talking from the characters, and when there actually is some dialogue it's in some strange language from the world of the game. Not only is this awesome, but it creates a sense of full immersion into the game's unbelievably believable world. (Yeah, that was worded funny...)

The actual plot of the video game is one of a kind. It sounds kind of a like a creepy old classic piece of literature. The protagonist is a young man. His name is unknown, but he's credited as "Wander." His mission is simple. He must carry the body of a dead woman (Implied to be his long lost love.) to a forbidden land of curses where he must meet the deity, Dormin, and then beg him to bring her back from the dead. Wander is desperate to bring her back to life. His connection with the dead girl, Mono, is never revealed but it is heavily implied that he loved her. (Why else would he travel to the end of the world?) But we do know that she died an early and unfair death. With no one at his side but his trusty steed, Agro, and of course, the dead chick, Wander breaks all bonds with his society and does the most abominable thing that one could ever do... enter the forbidden lands.
But what lies in these forbidden lands? Nothing but an old temple and the spirit of a once great being, Dormin. Legend tells of the deity Dormin, and it's power of being able to bring back loved ones from the dead. Desperate for his lost lover to return, Wander asks Dormin if it is possible to revive Mono.

The entrance into the forbidden land features a remarkably huge bridge that leads into an ancient temple where the diety, Dormin dwells. Legend tells that Dormin holds the power to bring one back from the dead.

Luckily for Wander, Dormin promises to revive Mono; but under one request... one very large, colossal, if you will, request. (Pun intended.)

In exchange for her return, Wander must wander the cursed land and slay sixteen colossal beasts. The purposes of this request are unknown, but Wander is willing to do anything to bring back his lost love...

Wander embraces the dead body of his lost love, Mono.

If Wander succeeds in slaying the sixteen beasts, then Dormin promises to revive Mono. The game then sets you on a fools errand of running around a gorgeous and lifeless land in order to revive your lost love. And this is one of the things that makes Shadow of the Colossus such a great game. It's the fact that you really are just wandering around a barren wasteland the entire game. The game rarely features anything exciting. The only time anything really happens is when you're fighting one of the Colossus. There's never anyone with you, except for Agro. It's kind of strange to say that you really do begin to form a sort of emotional bond with the horse, as he's the only friend that you have.

As you progress in the game you begin to form a bond with your horse Agro, as he is the only friend that you have as you journey from each Colossus. He's endures all of the incredible battles with you, as he's always by your side...

You may find this hard to believe since this is after all, a video game. And video games are for entertainment and mindless fun, right? Well, Shadow of the Colossus challenges that idea. And after you slay the first Colossus, you realize that this is a little bit more than a video game. I had never played a video game that actually toyed with my emotions until I had played Shadow of the Colossus. There's almost this strange feeling of regret after you slay each Colossus. As I progressed throughout the game I began to wonder if slaying these magnificently huge beasts was really worth just one life.

I've never played a game before or since that has actually made me question my purpose in the game. But Shadow of the Colossus brilliantly challenges it's own themes and plots, and contains deep themes of life and death that still baffle me to this day.

Wander carries the body of Mono.

Wander inside of the Temple of Dormin. Mono lies on the strange alter on the left.

The game has other strange themes on life that I do not fully understand myself. The game feels almost like a giant metaphor on life and death. I would further expand on this subject, but I would not want to ruin the games ending for those who have never played or finished the game.

Something strange that I've noticed in the game is that after each Colossus that you slay, Wander begins to deform and look less and less like a human. It's almost like as he slays more and more Colossus he begins dehumanize more and more until he no longer even represents a human. Like I said in the previous paragraph, I would expand on this more, but spoilers prevent me.

Wander witnesses the dehumanizing effects of going against his world's beliefs by slaying the Colossus and entering the forbidden land.

Shadow of the Colossus is a beautiful game, and is definitely one of the greatest games ever made. I wish I could do it justice by talking about it, but it's difficult to do without revealing the spoilers. This is a game that has forever changed how I look at video games. If there ever was a video game that could be considered a work of art, then I believe that Shadow of the Colossus is the one that proves this. The intricate plot, and incredible visuals are already enough to make it a work of art, but the game doesn't stop there as it is one of the only games that actually features strong mature values on life and death. I think you could actually learn something about life by playing this game.

I'm not the only one praising this game of course. Mega gaming corporation, IGN, named the game the greatest game on the PS2, AND the best game of the decade. This game is simply gaming at it's absolute best.

Shadow of the Colossus has some of the most epic and best boss fights of all time.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who has a love of art, or just games. If you haven't played Shadow of the Colossus:

A. You can't call yourself a gamer.
B. You haven't fought 16 of the greatest bosses in gaming history.
C. You suck. (Not really.)

There is also a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus, entitled ICO. I might blog about this later, when the newest sequel, The Last Guardian comes out in late 2011. I just changed my mind... I will definitely be blogging about these games again in 2011.

I want to quickly apologize to those who read my blog. I haven't updated in a while, and that's most been due to my busy schedule, and the fact that I haven't really had much to blog about. But expect more updates soon!!! Thanks to everyone who read this ridiculously nerdy post. Love all of ya!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Utah Shakespearan Festival 2010 - A Place For Thespians to be Thespians

Yes. As embarrassing as some would think it to be, I am a thespian. (And boy do I get made fun of for it.)

Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to go down to the Utah Shakespearean Festival at SUU with all of my fellow Thespians. I had a great time down there, and I'm really sad that this is my final year going. This post is going to mostly be of pictures since while we were at the festival there were over 500 pictures taken. So with the help of facebook, I am going to be posting a couple of my favorite pictures that were taken by me and my friends. And then maybe I'll talk about the trip for a little while.

On the bus. This is Maren and Maddie. They're always enthusiastic.

This is our coach, Mr. Bauer... this was at an Improv. competition. It was hilarious. Picture by Lexie.

This is Facundo during the Tech Olympics... This was his outfit that he wore... all I can say is that people wanted to have their picture taken with him.

The improv. team.

Theses guys are terrible with their team numbers. From left to right, Tyler - 666, Dan - 3.14, Facundo -3825, Ryan - 69

Maren and myself

Maren, Brian and Maddie before they performed their FANTASTIC scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Facundo in a dramatic pose.

We played a random game of freeze. (Thanks to Melissa) I don't remember why, but I had to cut off Facundo's finger... with an iPod. Picture by Lexie.

At the Tech Olympics. For the record, this is a guy's costume. I don't know what to think of it... but it makes a great picture, right?

Madi, Lindsey and Melissa.

Before we entered the Tech Olympics, Facundo gave us a motivational speech to ensure our victory. It was like a movie, but a lot more entertaining. This is a priceless shot of that speech, taken by Lexie.

So there's a handful of some of my favorite pictures taken from the trip. There are hundreds more, and you can around 200 of them on profile on facebook. (Have a look!)

Now I'm going to talk about some of my favorite moments on the trip. On the first day down there, Facundo and I went to an improv. class. When we arrived at the class we were about twenty minutes early, and there was another class already in session that was finishing up the lesson that they were working on. Bored, and looking for something to do, we figured that we'd just tag along in the back of the class and learn what we could.

The teacher was teaching a lesson on how to do interpretative dancing/fight scenes to a scene from a Shakespearean play. The teacher even wrote a rap that you had to perform before you fought. After learning the rap, the class went and practiced their scenes, and at the end of the class, before the teacher excused everyone she called me and Facundo to come and perform our fight scene in front of everyone... that's over 70 people, and a bunch of big time performers from all over the country. So Facundo and I do this weird dance/fight thing after an awesome rap performance, and get a standing ovation from everyone. We even ended up giving high fives to people we've never seen before. In other words, we kicked major butt.

Probably the most fun part on the trip was the Tech Olympics. I've mentioned it a few times in the pictures above, but I need to tell you about it. The Tech Olympics made me laugh so hard that my gut was hurting literally one minute into it. Why? Well, our school went to the contest completely unprepared. Facundo and I were the most enthusiastic about it; Facundo and I figured we'd make the best of the competition even if we had no idea what we were doing. So Facundo dressed up in this ridiculous costume, and I became the unofficial team cheerleader.

I had to compete in the rigging category. If you don't know what rigging means, then you know about as much as I do about it. All you really do is tie knots, lift stuff up using a pullie-thingy and stuff like that. I'm pretty sure that I placed in last place during the entire event because I had no idea what I was doing. Lexie got some fun pictures of me during the event though.

This is me pulling a sand bag into the air. I had to connect it to the pullie and then lift it up 18 inches into the air, and then properly tie it off. Did I know how to do it? No.

Even though I knew that I had failed, I still made my "Victory" symbol.

I think that I might actually make a good cheerleader. I was yelling all kinds of motivational crap like, "Let's go bulldogs!" and "P-P-P-R-O-O-V-O PROVO!" By the end of the Olympics Facundo and I had begun to lose our voices, from laughing and yelling. I really think the Tech Olympics were the best part of the entire trip. There were some great laughs there.

My absolute favorite picture from the entire trip. I guess we were high or something. As you can probably guess, this was taken during the Tech Olympics. Jeff's face cracks me up. Picture taken by Lexie.

There were so many fun things we did while on the trip. Whether it was watching movies all night long, running around town trying to find air freshner for the bathroom, performing the mobias, or moving a hotel table out into the middle of a field so that we could play an epic game of "strip chancho va." The trip was just incredibly fun. I hope everyone else had a great time like I did. In January, we're going on a trip to UTA so that we can perform Antigone. Hopefully it'll be just as fun.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pink Floyd The Wall

By now everyone should know how I feel about Pink Floyd... but for those who are unaware, I love them... a lot. I recently had the privilege of viewing the Pink Floyd movie, The Wall, again recently. I have previously seen it, but I never really paid attention. I finally took the time to sit down and try to get the full "Floyd Experience" from the film. For those who have never heard of this film, (And chances are most of you haven't) then please allow me to give you some background on it. Unlike most movies that bands claim to have made, it is not a concert recording, but instead is a real full-length feature film. It actually features no concert footage, and instead is a full-out rock opera/musical.

The film was released in 1982 and received great critical praise; and although the band members greatly disliked the movie, it is still considered a classic, and has been named one of the "Great Movies" by Ebert Ropert. Today I'm not going to take the time to actually review the movie, since I'm not in the mood. (I'm also kind of on a "movie high") Instead I'm going to just express how the movie made me feel. (Almost like I'm blogging!)

So what did I think of The Wall? I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

The movie tells the story of a young man named Pink. As a child, Pink's father killed off during his service in the army during World War II. After his fathers death, Pink is sent to, and grows up in an abusive boarding school, where he doesn't seem to fit in. His only friend is his over-protective mother, who even then doesn't treat him as well as it seems she should. He eventually grows up, gets married and rises to become a renowned rock star. Unfortunately the usage of drugs and sex begin to take their toll on Pink. Things only get worse when he learns that his wife has been having an affair. All of these events in Pink's life lead him to build a metaphoric wall around him, blocking him off from society. Soon everything becomes too much for Pink to handle, and he ends up having a full-out mental breakdown. The movie ends with Pink being sent to into an insane asylum, as he tears down the wall that he has worked on building his entire life.

Fantastic picture showing the artistic brilliance of the film.

Does the movie sound a little depressing? Well you couldn't have picked a better word to describe the film. The script was written by Pink Floyd frontman, Roger Waters, and the character Pink is heavily based off of his childhood and life. Rogers was originally cast to play the character Pink, but this plan fell through and Bob Geldof was hired to portray the character instead.

I really have to give credit to Bob Geldof for his performance as the character Pink. Not only was he incredibly believable, but his characters mind is incredibly twisted and disturbing to watch, especially in the later parts of the film. (The scene when he shaves off all the hair on his body...)

Bob Geldof as Pink in the ending Neo-Nazi scene.

The Wall played out like a rock opera/musical. In some of the scenes the characters would literally be singing the Pink Floyd songs, and in other scenes, the music would just play in the background as the story progressed. It was an incredibly dark and surprisingly disturbing experience. Much more intense than what I remembered the film being. The film also had its fair-share of some outrageously "trippy" scenes, such as the infamous "Comfortably Numb" scene; where Pink hallucinates that his skin has been infested with bugs, and he literally rips off all of his skin.

The movie wasn't just a drugged up gig though. It had a surprising amount of tear jerking moments; most involving scenes that were related to the soldiers in World War II. Most of these scenes showed the aftermath of some of the famous battles that occurred in the war, and set an incredibly somber tone. It was surprisingly graphic and made the film almost uncomfortable to watch.

I've posted below a clip of the movie. This is a fantastic example of one of the war scenes in the film. Please view with caution. I'd hate to disturb anyone. (The second half of the video isn't part of the scene that I wanted to show you. Instead it's a scene where Pink is drowning in a pool of his own blood. View with caution.)

The Wall was an incredibly artistic film in terms of visuals, songs, and messages being portrayed in a metaphorical sense. The film also has a very strong anti-Nazi/war message. The visuals to the movie were also fantastic despite their simplicity. The film featured sixteen minutes of fully colored animated footage usually used to display the things that Pinks saw as he was on drugs. (At one point he believes a giant flower is going to eat him.) All I can really say about the incredible visual animation art style, was that I am a BIG fan of whoever did the design and drawings. (The animated sequences were my favorite part of the movie.)

Perhaps the most famous shot in the film, this strange shot of The Wall screaming has become a bit of a cult icon.

Hammers are a very metaphorically used object in the film. They are used mainly to show and symbolize the work of the Nazi's.

This shot is of a bird... that just barely stabbed another bird to death. (Hence the blood.)

There really is so much that can be said about this movie. It was a brilliant take on how drugs affect our lives, it was a statement against war, it was an example of how our society is going downhill and so much more. I really wish that I could praise it more fully for it's artistic and metaphorical brilliance, but the film is so unique in its making that talking about it is rather difficult. The only problem I that I had with the film was that it can be a little hard for the audience to follow the plot unless they have a bit of background knowledge on the story. If you watch the movie with no fore-knowledge of what's happening, you will get lost in the story. The plot also felt a bit scattered, but it worked itself out in the end. Everything led up to a really crazy ending/climax. The whole movie was just a unique experience that I think any person who loves artistic films should experience. (Being a Pink Floyd fan also helps make the movie more enjoyable.)

I can guarantee you that I will watch this again. Soon.


On another note, I am truly sorry to the people who read my blog. I know I haven't updated in a long time... but I've had nothing to write about. But! I feel inspired again, so be sure to check often for updates! I am going to the Shakespeare Festival this week, so expect a BIG update next week!

Until then!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World - An Epic of Epic Epicness

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I can't stand Michael Cera. Period. There's something about this twitchy geek that makes me cringe. Blah. I can't stand the fool. So when I heard that Michael Cera was going to play Scott Pilgrim, I was very skeptical. I was so skeptical that I had given up almost all hope on a Scott Pilgrim film. The only thing that gave me hope for what I was sure would be a disaster in film history was the fact that the movie was being directed by one of my personal favorites, Edgar Wright. (Shaun of the Dead, Hotfuzz) So after watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the question rises: Does this comic book epic deserve to be called a film or does it belong in the pile of garbage films that have risen this year. (Prince of Persia anyone?)

About three or four days before Scott Pilgrim came out, I decided that I would give the film a chance, and I actually became excited to see it, despite my hate for Michael Cera. So, on Friday when the movie came out, my girlfriend and I saw The Other Guys... THEN on Saturday, my brothers, sisters, and some old neighbors and I all went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I kid you not, the moment the movie started, it was already awesome. Excluding Inception and Toy Story 3, Scott Pilgrim is the coolest movie of the summer.

If you are unfamiliar with the story to this flick, (And you most likely are) then allow me to do my usual gig and tell you about the story. The story revolves around Scott Pilgrim, (Michael Cera) an early 20's lovestruck geek, who is dating a teenage girl. Scott is looking for true love, and quite frankly isn't satisfied with life and his current relationship. He feels that he won't be truly happy until he meets the one. Enter Ramona Flowers. (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) An attractive young girl whom Scott instantly falls in love with, and will do anything to get with. After finally getting Ramona to get in bed with him, the two finally start dating. To Scott's surprise, Ramona has a mysterious past full of... well, evil ex-boyfriends. Unfortunately, for Scott, all of these evil ex-boyfriends are after Scott's skin, because they too want to date Ramona. If Scott truly wants to go out with Ramona, he's going to have to fight and defeat all seven of Ramona's evil ex-boyfriends... sounds like a video game, huh?

Scott and Ramona

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World might be one of the most entertaining movies to be released in recent years, especially if you are a nerd like me. The entire movie is modeled to be like an old NES/SNES game. (Old Nintendo game) As I said earlier, I was very skeptical about this concept because quite frankly, the entire concept kind of sounds too good to be true. But surprisingly, it works incredibly well. Mostly thanks to spot on editing, and Edgar Wright's incredible directing, the film ensures gut-busting laughs from beginning to end. Of course, having a fore knowledge of some classic video games (The Legend of Zelda) helps with the humor. The movie feels mainly for the dweebs out there, such as myself. But that's not saying you have to be a nerd to enjoy the film.

Designed to look like a video game/comic book, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is wildly entertaining.

When I think about the film, I find it hard to actually find a flaw. The only real problem I had with the film was some weird pacing throughout. At some parts the pace of the film significantly slowed down and I found myself checking my watch; but as the movie moves on you soon forget about the problem, this is expected to happen though, since the movie is two hours long. Other than those strange moments the film is solid and I can't think of one flaw. The acting is spot on, and I actually really liked Michael Cera. As much as I hate to admit it, I have to give him major credit. I can't think of any other actor out there that would have played Scott better. I might have to start giving him more chances from now on. I also have to give credit to Mary Elizabeth Winstead, not only was she incredibly atttractive, but she gave a performance that was on par with Michael Cera.

It really is such a pity that this film has been so overshadowed by the release of other films such as The Other Guys. If you are looking for an entertaining flick that is unlike any other film out there, then you're going to want to check out Scott Pilgrim. If it weren't for Toy Story 3 or Inception, this would easily be the best film of the summer.

In the end, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World might not be the best picture of the year, or even the best movie of the summer. But Man! Was it entertaining. I can guarantee you that this is a film that I am going to watch over and over again.

STORY: 9.5/10
DESIGN: 10/10


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roger Waters, Las Vegas, Novemeber 26th 2010

My soul is filled with grief. Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite band in the world is Pink Floyd. I LOVE Pink Floyd. In my opinion, they are the greatest and most unique band of all time. Their psychedelic blues mixed with some intense philosophical lyrics were a match made in heaven. Unfortunately they broke up in 1996, and for years I had given up any chance of seeing them live. (I don't care about the Australian cover band.) If I could see any band in the world, I would choose Pink Floyd. Yes, I would see Pink Floyd live even over The Beatles, or Michael Jackson. (Long live Michael!)

Today I was bored and doing my usual gig. I was reading about Pink Floyd, listening to Pink Floyd, singing Pink Floyd, playing Pink Floyd on guitar, etc. It was pretty much your normal Sunday until I read something that caught my eye instantly.

"Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010-2011"

Holy PooP.

Roger Waters was the bassist to Pink Floyd. He was the mastermind behind albums such as, "Dark Side of the Moon," "Wish You Were Here," "Animals," and of course, "The Wall." In other words, Roger Waters pretty much is Pink Floyd. Seeing him live is the closest I would ever get to seeing Pink Floyd. David Gilmoure, the lead guitarist to Pink Floyd, is also supposed to make a special appearance in one of the concerts, and play Comfortably Numb with Waters...

Holy PooP.

Roger Waters is coming to Las Vegas in November, and I would go and see him, but as with everything else in life, I am completely out of luck. I have no way to get to Vegas. I have the money for the tickets and everything, but... yeah. I am depressed, and very upset... VERY upset.

I need someone to blame for this bad string of bad luck.


Damn you communists.

I will probably blog more about this later, but for now, I am too pissed off to care right now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Drama Council Is Where The Cool People Are

I haven't updated the old blog in a while. Mainly because my internet went crazy and I couldn't get it fixed until this last sunday... but now it is back, and I'm updating my nerdy blog in glorious 1080 p. (Nerd Jokes.)

So what's new in the life of Brandon Prows since I last updated my blog? Mainly just Drama Council. If you are not yet aware of the fact that I am now involved in the drama program at Provo High, then now is the time for us to change that. John Lennon rules.

I have been into the whole acting thing my entire life. (Although most of it was in film.) Now that I've settled into my senior year of high school, I've decided to take a leap of faith and go into the drama business. Sure, the kids in the drama program are weird; but so am I, and for the most part, I get along with all of them. I think it's about time that I stop ignoring the fact that I am on Drama Council, and take this moment to talk about each person individually on Drama Council.

Brian Wing

Brian is our loyal leader in Drama Council. He is the president, and a mighty good one. He is in charge of EVERYTHING, and we have to do his bidding/evil deeds. He's the one on top, the only person with more power is Mr. Bauer... when you think about it, that's kind of scary, since he is Brian, and Mr. Bauer is Mr. Bauer. But we all have good faith in him. All of our meetings are held in secret at his house, and it's really nice of him (and his parents) to put up with us coming over to his house all the time and staying all day... because our Drama Council meetings sometimes go from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm... Wow. Great guy, huh?

Abi Roundy

The charming Abi Roundy is our Vice-President. She's a lovable and very kind person. I personally think that Abi is the nicest person on earth. The only problem Abi and I have is the fact that she doesn't let me take pictures of her... ever. This picture is a one in a million shot. She never lets me or anyone else take pictures of her. My goal is to have her let me take pictures of her by the end of the year... but that's like trying to get penguin to fly.

McKenna Austin

This is McKenna. She's the... uh... to be honest, I don't remember what position she has on Drama Council. But! She's a very valuable member of Council. We all value her ideas and opinions. The only problem I have with McKenna is that she's even worse than Abi when it comes to allowing me to take pictures of her. Mind you, taking pictures IS MY JOB. (I'm not a creeper!) Almost nobody on Drama Council allows me to do my job... McKenna is very nice, and she likes to hit me when I take pictures of her. Just so everyone knows, I didn't take this picture of her. (I stole it from her facebook because I have no pictures of her.)

Kenzie Nelson

It may look like Kenzie allowed me take this picture of her, but she actually didn't. I snapped this shot when she was laughing and had her eyes closed! Kenzie is our Secretary on Drama Council, and is without a doubt THE WORST person on Council when it comes to taking pictures. Yes, even worse than McKenna... Kenzie and I fight every Council over pictures. I don't think that she realizes that I would leave her alone if she would just let me take ONE picture of her... it makes me frustrated. Luckily though, Kenzie is one of my most favorite people on the planet. So that equals out my... frustration.

Maren Wilson

Maren was the historian last year. She has a new position this year, and once again, I don't know what it is. Maren has one of my favorite smiles. She is also one of the only people on Council that lets me take pictures of her. Thank goodness for people like Maren. Maren also always smiles for the camera, and she and I get along very well. Maren is definitely one of my favorite people on Council. Her bright personality prevents us all from wanting to tear each other in half. Note, the dog that Maren is holding is our Drama Council mascot, Dexter. He's named after the TV show Dexter. He's Brian's dog.

Melissa Howarth

Melissa is our Spirit Chair person... or some weird title like that. She's not only the most enthusiastic person on Drama Council, but she's also the worst psychiatrist on earth... by the end of our session, her conclusion on me was that I am a failure at life. (Thanks.) Melissa is like Maren, and she lets me take pictures of her for the sake of the job of the Historian. She also has an incredible talent/hobby of making things out of duct tape. She can make rings, bags, underwear, you name it. Strange talent, but definitely awesome.

Jewell Ridd

For some reason this is the only picture I have of JC... Her name is Jewell, but we call her JC. She has some important position on Drama Council... yes, I forgot it. (I suck.) JC is one of the good guys, and she allows me to take a picture of her. She even smiles for them every single time. More people (Kenzie) should be like JC and smile for the camera. Like Kenzie, JC is one of my most favorite people. She's also a hard worker on Council, and she and Kenzie makes sure that me and Brian don't get too off topic. (Which happens a lot.) She'll take all of our notes and completely redo them so that they all work together better. She's a valuable member of our Council, and we probably wouldn't have half of our work done without her.


So, that's everybody on Drama Council. (Not counting me. I don't like to talk about myself.) You can expect me to be updating my blog frequently with news on what's going on in Drama Council, or just in the Drama program at Provo High. So until I update my blog again, here are some pictures of some of our meetings for everyone to enjoy.

This is Brian playing with a voo doo doll...

As you can tell by this picture, Jewell is always incredibly excited to be at our Council meetings.

Maren and I smile for the camera.

These notes show how much work we actually get done in a our meetings...

This incredible duct tape ring is a great example of how talented Melissa is. She sells rings and other things made out of duct tape every Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

Drama Council has been a lot of fun so far. I can say that people can expect some huge things this year from Drama. Especially regarding the Murder Mystery Dinner.... it's going to be epic. So until then, stay tuned on my nerdy blog!