Saturday, February 27, 2010

COUNTDOWN: Final Fantasy XIII, Day Ten


With Final Fantasy IX being put into the works on the Playstation, the original sequel to VIII was pushed all the way to the Playstation 2. In an attempt to take full advantage of the new technology that was being developed Square-Enix (at the time Squaresoft) spent thirty two million dollars on their next project. They assembled over one hundred artists, writers and programmers, making their team one of the biggest to ever work on a video game.

The earlier Final Fantasy games were more focused on a European style of topography, architecture. Final Fantasy VII and VIII brought into new technology and Japanese culture into the games. While creating the newest world for the Final Fantasy series, Square found their influence in the islands of south east Asia; specifically near the regions of Thailand, and the southern pacific. Water would be the key theme to the magnificent world of Spira; a sun-drenched paradise, that held beauty the world had never seen before. Final Fantasy X was released on July 19th 2001. It came to United States just in time to become a Christmas gift.

The story to Final Fantasy X began and ended in Zanarkand, a tropical metropolis, unaware of its unavoidable destruction. The protagonist, Tidus, a professional Blitzball athlete, was barely saved from the city's massacre by his mentor, Auron. Tidus later learned that he had been warped a thousand years into the future by a massive whale-like monster known as "Sin," a creature that punished the people of Spira when they grew too wicked.

The games prophetic journey's aim was to guide and protect the summoner, Yuna. A caller of sacred spirits of the dead called, Aeons, whose power came from human souls known as "fayth." The multiple guardians of the summoner Yuna included, Wakka, a beach bound Blitzball captain; Kimahria, a Ronso outcast of few words; Lulu, an unforgiving black mage; and Rikku, a spunky teenage thief. The purpose of the summoner was to abolish Sin by using the final summoning. But Sin had and would reappear time and time again, forcing Tidus and his crew to try and find a way to abolish Sin once and for all.

The cast of characters in Final Fantasy X.

Like everything else in this world, Final Fantasy X was adored by some and hated by others. Fans praised the outstanding story and graphics, but complained about some aspects of the gameplay and sometimes unbearable voice-over performances. But whether they loved it, or hated the game, very few people missed out on Final Fantasy X. The game sold almost two million units in just four days. The game would eventually sell more than double that amount. It's among the top twenty best selling console games of all time, and is also considered by many, to be one of the best games ever created.

My personal feelings about X are rather... intense. I got Final Fantasy X as a wee-child, and spent an embarrassing amount of time playing when I was young. Almost ten years later, I still play the game, and I haven't gotten sick of it. For me, Final Fantasy X is the greatest game ever made. If not, then it's tied with Final Fantasy VII. Never has a game crafted such a deep story, with characters that can actually be connected with. The emotion of the game is so strong, that it has been known to move people to tears. (Myself not included.) It has been a part of my family's pass time for years, and I doubt that that will ever change.

The famous "love" scene from Final Fantasy X.

My sister Brittany, and I are total Final Fantasy X junkies. Brittany is even in love with some of the characters. And I when I say that she is in love with them, I literally mean that she is in love with them. The character Auron, is Brittany's Edward.

Brittany is in love with Auron... I don't know why.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I love this game. It never gets old, and continues to amaze me. The story is probably the most original that I have ever seen... by the way, Avatar copied Final Fantasy... Just saying. The ending was a rip off of Final Fantasy VII. I love Final Fantasy X. There was supposed to be a movie but it failed. Which isn't a surprise. The voice acting for me, wasn't a problem. Even though it featured some hiccups, it for the most part, was fantastic... Hopefully XIII won't suck it up.

Sorry that this post wasn't too good. It turns that Final Fantasy X is really hard to talk about...

We're not even near or half way point in our countdown to Final Fantasy XIII. Only ten days remain. (Counting today) Tomorrow we'll go back to the roots of the Final Fantasy series, as we talk about the most underplayed game the series has ever seen.

Don't expect to see me much after March 9th.

I'm not putting a trailer to X, because they all suck. See you tomorrow!

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