Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Greatest Film Ever Made

I want to take a special moment to talk about my favorite movie of all time. If you know me, then you should know that I am a huge Lord of the Rings junkie. Therefore you're probably going to think that my favorite film of all time is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. (Since I say that it is all the time...)

Well guess what?!

You are sadly mistaken... (Suckers.)

Chances are that you've never seen or have even heard of my favorite film of all time. So no, it is not Avatar. Avatar was amazing, but no where near as good as my favorite film. My favorite film in my opinion, is the greatest film ever made. It is a film that moves you and leaves you breathless. The first time I watched the film, it was the best movie experience I have ever had. Which begs the question:

What film is it?

Isn't that an awesome poster? I think so. Seven Samurai is one of the most influential and copied films of all time. When it was released in 1954, people around the world had never seen anything like this film before. The characters are all incredibly deep, and three dimensional. The plot, although simple manages to be so profound, that it actually drains your energy. The film can be described in one word: Epic... or awesome... or perfect. Pick your poison.

The plot is about a small farming village that suffers each year from a group of jerk bandits that like to come and pillage, rape and murder the village and the inhabitants living in it. As the next harvest approaches, the poor farming peasant farmers become rather desperate for some help. In an attempt to save their women and families and of course, food, the peasants go into the city to hire seven samurai to protect the village, and their lives.
The Seven Samurai... I know there are only six of them pictured.

I would write more about the plot, but I think that it explains itself from there on. If the plot of the film sounds strangely familiar to you, then let me explain why. Kids, get ready for: Brandon's Useless Knowledge!

In 1960, Seven samurai was remade as the popular western classic, The Magnificent Seven.

Does that title ring any bells? Most people have heard of this film. Most people love it too. The sad part is that they don't realize that they're missing out on the original (and by far better) movie!

I liked the Magnificent Seven... sort of. It failed to capture the same emotional feelings that Seven Samurai created, and I know that it's not the same film, but still. You would think a remake of the greatest film of all time would be a little more... good. Seven Samurai was intended to be a Japanese western, so a western remake was predictable.

Last I checked, Seven Samurai is up for another remake. Only the Chinese are going to be filming the film, and George Clooney is supposed to star in it. (True fact!) However, I haven't really heard anything new on this project... I hope that it never is made since George Clooney isn't Japanese... or Asian at all. Why would Chinese make a Japanese film? ... moving on...

Seven Samurai is a film that changed movies forever. In the trailer they said that film would contain:

"Thrilling scenes that will live in movie history forever."

That pretty much describes Seven Samurai perfectly. The film has everything that a good movie needs: Romance, comedy, and a lot of drama. The film also has Toshiro Mifune, who in my opinion, is the greatest actor ever. (Pictured left.) Most people will argue that it is Marlon Brando or Jimmy Stewart. But for me, it is Toshiro Mifune.

Everyone should see Seven Samurai. It is directed by Akira Kurosawa, who is the greatest director of all time. (Don't argue! Just accept.) It has Toshiro Mifune, who is AMAZING, and it is the best drama ever made.

Gotta love cinema. If you are a true movie lover, you'll have seen Seven Samurai.


  1. Very good post Brandon, I will have to watch it. My favorite movie of all time is probably Gone With the Wind.

  2. Ha! I totally knew seven samurai was your favorite movie. I'll have to watch it too.