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COUNTDOWN: Final Fantasy XIII, Day Six


What's that? Two games for one post? Wrong! To the untrained eye, and the untrained nerd, the two pictures above may look like two different games. But, in reality, they are the same exact game. Final Fantasy VI had a strange release time; very similar to the same issue with Final Fantasy IV. Since Final Fantasy VI was the third Final Fantasy to be released in America, it was renamed to Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy VI was released on April 6th, 1994. It didn't come to America until the following October; and in America it was released as Final Fantasy III. It was the also last Final Fantasy to be renamed. (We'll talk about that later in another post.)

Final Fantasy VI opened in a manner unlike any other Final Fantasy game before it. For the first time in the series there were opening credits, and the game featured by far, the best music the series had seen yet.

The world of Final Fantasy VI departed away from the classic magic and crystals feel. Instead, magic was extinct. A thousand years prior, a conflict called "The War of the Magi" almost destroyed the world; and society had struggled to regain technology. The fighting began when humans tried to harvest the power of mystical beings called "Espers," and it appeared that The Empire had been after the same goal. The result of the war was that magic no longer existed, and the mysterious beings called Espers, had disappeared.

The story started out with an unnamed female soldier. This also made Final Fantasy VI different than any other game in the series since she is still the only female protagonist to begin a Final Fantasy game. Her name was Terra; and unfortunately that was all should could remember.

Terra... Yes, I know she has green hair.

After running away from the military, Terra found herself being pursued by yet another tyrannical government. This was due to her ability to cast magical powers that she could not comprehend; and for her ability to communicate with the Espers. She sought refuge with a rebel group known as "The Returners;" a renegade group secretly gathering enough forces to launch an attack against Emperor Gestahl. Unfortunately, Emperor Gestahl was aware of this plot, and sent his High Court Mage, Kefka to eliminate The Returners, and bring Terra back to the Empire.

Final Fantasy VI was the series' best 2D game.

The plot from there on was about The Returners trying to stop the most insane character in the entire series, Kefka. Kefka has gained a reputation, and has become known as one of the goddiest villains the series has ever feared. Kefka was a nasty clown that demanded a great deal of attention. Kefka was not a supernatural being, or the collected sum of all evil or a mind-warping god from another planet. He was a man; mind that he was a nihilistic psychopath, that sought supreme power above everyone else. Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, Kefka wasn't a puppet to a higher power, or a victim seeking revenge; he was just an awfully twisted human being, and the perfect villain.

The scariest clown ever. I don't care what you say, Kefka is freaky.

Eventually, Kefka caused a second war of the Magi to emerge. Which led both sides to the sealed gate; the border between the human world and the world where the Espers had escaped to. Coming in contact with the Espers revealed some shocking truths about Terra, and caused some major plots twists in the story of the game. With the Espers on Terra's side, she desperately sought for a way to prevent Kefka from disturbing three statues that were the literal source of magic on the planet...

The plot from there gets way too complicated, but I think most people can figure out what happens. (Kefka destroys the statues.) The story to Final Fantasy VI is epic. It was unlike anything gamers had ever seen before. I know that I say that a lot when talking about Final Fantasy, but that's because every Final Fantasy is so revolutionary. The series always brings in new elements that no other game has done before. Final Fantasy VI introduced an elaborate story, with intricate characters. Never before had a game had such a deep story. The cast to Final Fantasy VI was absolutely huge, and had multiple story lines crossing over each other. This later would become a Final Fantasy tradition, but Final Fantasy VI was the first game to pull this off.

Final Fantasy VI was an extraordinary way for the series to say good-bye to Nintendo and the two dimensional graphics. It's artfully crafted storyline and meaningful characters made the final chapter in the Nintendo saga feel as if all the previous Final Fantasy games had been building up to its creation. As the game ended, it became clear to the world that Final Fantasy VI was going to be one tough game to beat. From the way it capitalized on the Super Nintendo's capabilities to the critical acclaim it received, Final Fantasy VI primed the series into a new level of popularity. The game showed the world that the series would never have to hide its true roman numerals again.

Sorry that this post was lame. I'm really not feeling good, so I don't feel like saying much. Which is a pity, because Final Fantasy VI is such a good game. Not did it have an amazing story, graphics, and music, but it also had Kefka... ah, Kefka. You're amazing. Once again, I'm going to have to give credit to websites like Wikipedia and Gametrailers for helping me gather all the information I needed for this.

The Countdown will reach it's peak tomorrow. Tomorrow the days are going to get intense. Only six days until Final Fantasy XIII. It's hard to believe, but I can't wait. I'm going to be taking pictures of it as I buy it so that everyone who reads this blog can share the beautiful moment... I'll even record myself inserting it into the Playstation 3, just so we can all be gay. Until then, Good-night!

In 1999, Final Fantasy VI was finally re-released in America on the Sony Playstation as, Final Fantasy VI. The rerelease of the game came with fancy new cinematics that gave gamers the pleasure of seeing their favorite characters in full 3D graphics. This is the opening cinematic.

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