Saturday, March 6, 2010

COUNTDOWN: Final Fantasy XIII, Day Three


Final Fantasy III not only has a weird cover, but it is also the only Final Fantasy to have never been released in North America. That's right! Final Fantasy III still has not come to America; twenty years after it was first released in 1990.

Quick update on my health! I'm feeling much better today, but I'm still really sick. Anti-biotics work miracles... moving on.

Final Fantasy III was released in Japan on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on April 27th 1990. It wasn't released any where else due to the tedious process of translating a game back then. Final Fantasy III was also the last Final Fantasy to be released on the NES.

The story to Final Fantasy III was the biggest plot of the series for its time. It was about four orphans. After a mysterious earthquake opened a hidden cave near the village of "Ur," the four onion knights ventured into the cave to find the Crystal of Light. The crystal granted them great quantities of its power and commanded them to restore balance to the world, which was slowly beginning to fall into chaos.

After saying good-bye to their adoptive families, the orphans ventured into the world to solve the various problems lying throughout it. Their conquest led them to discover an ancient floating continent in the sky where the warlock Xande lived. Xande's mission was to possess the power of the Crystal of Light and use its strength to rule and dominate the planet. After preventing the world from entering the void, and defeating Xande and his three legendary apprentices to the legendary Archmage, Noah, the four heroes had saved the world.

That was it. That was the entire plot to Final Fantasy III. Simple as it may sound, it was the grand epic of its time. It pushed the limits of the possibilities of the NES, and pleased millions of fans in Japan. It was by far the most epic game the series had seen yet, and fans in Japan waited anxiously for the next game.

Final Fantasy III had glorious 8-bit NES graphics.

Meanwhile in America, people were just barely receiving and playing the first Final Fantasy for the very first time. (We'll talk about that one soon.) Gamers in America quickly became hooked to the game, and awaited for a sequel. They had no idea that they were missing out on Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III. Which is actually a big pity.

Final Fantasy III is by far one of my favorite games in the series. For years, the only way fans in America could play Final Fantasy III was by downloading illegal fan-translated versions of the game online. (That's how I play it...) This made Final Fantasy III one of the first games to receive a fan translation, and even though the translations were usually poor, the fans were willing to put up with the errors in order to play the masterpiece.

This is a picture of my characters in Final Fantasy III. I play it through a fan translation. It's free and very fun.

However, Square had other plans for Final Fantasy III. In November 2006, Square-Enix released a remake of Final Fantasy III on the Nintendo DS. I won't lie, I've never played this version. I've never really cared for the Final Fantasy remakes (Save for Final Fantasy VII) because I prefer the original games. Although, I have been meaning to buy Final Fantasy III on the DS, just so I can add it into my very large Final Fantasy collection.

Even though the remake of Final Fantasy III received good reviews, I'm too cheap and lazy to buy it.

Final Fantasy III was by far the best game the series had seen yet. It capitalized on the NES in terms of storytelling and gameplay. It was epic, but no where near the quality the series would grow into.

The Countdown is finally ending. With only two games left, I'll be relieved when I don't have to do this Countdown anymore; although it is really fun to go all nerdy on my blog. Anyways, tomorrow we'll talk about the Final Fantasy that is known as the "Black Sheep" of the series... quite frankly it isn't that good. Final Fantasy II is the only Final Fantasy I don't really like... It's a good game, but we'll talk about it tomorrow! Sorry this post was so short, there's not much to say about such an old game.

No video today! Sorry, there aren't any videos for this old NES game.

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