Saturday, March 20, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Midnight Release

This is a poster in front of the store.

I am holding Final Fantasy XIII. (On the Playstation 3.)

The inside of the case. I edited out the code so no one would steal it. Isn't the disc awesome looking?

Yeah.. This picture turned out kind of creepy.

This is me holding the ridiculously thick and over-priced collector's guidebook.

The guidebook and game together. Isn't it beautiful?

This is just to show how thick the book is.

So, in case you haven't noticed, I now own Final Fantasy XIII. I got it at the midnight release, but I've been lazy and haven't updated my blog until now. So, what can I say? Final Fantasy XIII is far from being the best in the series. However, it is still an instant classic. I really really like the story. It is the most cinematic game in the series by far. But it's really short. Which is always a pity. The game is also really really hard.

I could write about this game a ton. But we'll save that for another post. So to conclude this post, let me say, I love Final Fantasy XIII. (Even if it is really short, hard, and different than the other games.)

However, I have some MAJOR problems with Final Fantasy XIII. I'll talk about that in a while. I think I'm going to take a break from blogging about Final Fantasy for a while... for a while.

'Til my next post, which will not be about Final Fantasy,



  1. Were you at play n trade? Thats where I got my the guidebook is pretty sweet. FF13 ftw.

  2. Play N' Trade is the only place nearby that was open at midnight.

  3. The gamestop at the orem mall wasnt doing one?
    But yeah, Play N Trade is a great store. The owner at the store in Orem is a super cool guy.

  4. The nearest one was in Springville, and I'm far too lazy to go down there. I'd be back way too late to play the game.

  5. Oh, good point. haha
    I wish I could have gone to the midnight release.