Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Weekend of Drama and Dancing

This last weekend was probably the most eventful weekend for me this year. As a member of the "
Drama Club" at Provo High school, I spent most of this weekend at the annual State Drama Festival/Competition. This is a time of the year when the drama geeks get together and compete in a variety of events that range from pantomimes to dramatic monologues.

Because I was a member of The One Act Ensemble Scene, I got to miss school on Friday and go to Mountainview High School, where I acted... and stuff. I forgot to take a camera with me on Friday, so they are no available pictures of One Act. Sorry.

On Friday we spent two and a half hours doing everyone's make up. If you are not aware, our scene that we entered into the competition with was Shakespeare's Richard III, done in the style of theater known as Kabuki. Kabuki is a Japanese style of theater, and it is one of my favorites.

The judges loved our scene, they called it a "visual feast." I don't know why, but apparently it was really cool visually. If you want to see the scene you'll have to come to the Night of One Acts at Provo High. I'll update my blog later with more details on that.

Anyways, Provo High's Ensemble Scene walked away from the competition with Straight Superiors. The result was a very happy drama class, and this nice plaque.

Yeah, I know that it's wrapped in plastic... Mr. Bauer wouldn't let me unwrap it.

So that's what happened on Friday this weekend. On Saturday Provo High School returned to Mountainview for more revenge... or dominion? Something like that... we went back to get more awards.

These are some pictures I took of the people that I hung out
with on Saturday:

Maren, Maddie, Facundo and two other kids I don't know all eat lunch. Maren and Maddie performed an amazing scene from "Top Girls." Facundo performed with McKenna and received straight superiors.

I spent a lot of time with these two as I waited to watch their scene. They did amazing, even though they don't agree.

The group of kids I ate lunch with. Or at least some of them.

More pictures of our lunch break.

A lot of the students forgot to bring lunch money, so our amazing bus driver bought us fruit and veggies.

To make an already amazing weekend even better, my Lovely Christina and I went to Prom together for the second year in a row. We went in a small group with Dexter Tapahe and Emily Williams. (I wish I had a picture of them.) I think we had a lot of fun. I know that I did.


  1. Dyllen doesn't give herself enough credit! haha
    I heard Bryan talking about his drama competition. Sounds like you guys had fun.
    Good job!

  2. I love the picture of you and Tiny! You look so cute together!