Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Year of the Black Rainbow

If you know me, then you know that I love Coheed and Cambria. Although many people don't like this progressive rock band, I adore their unique lyrics, sound, and insane guitars. Their last album was released in January 2007, and it was fantastic. I've been waiting for over three years for this new album, and you can't help but beg the question, "Is it any good?"

The truth is that the newest album from Coheed and Cambria, entitled, "Year of the Black Rainbow," is just as epic as we fans have come to expect. Like every album before it, it not only contains a title that is as wacky and trippy as anything you've heard before, but it also manages to completely change the sound of the band.

If you are unfamiliar with Coheed and Cambria, then let me give you a brief explanation. All of the band members of Coheed and Cambria are really big geeks/dorks, like me. The lead guitarist/vocalist, Claudio Sanchez, is the author to a geeky Sci-fi comic series known as, "The Armory Wars." The two main characters to this popular comic book series are Coheed and Cambria. (That explains the band's strange name.) Every album that the band releases is based off the latest edition to the series. (The first album is based on the first book, the second is about the second book, etc.) No World For Tomorrow, which was released in 2007 was the conclusion to the series. No World For Tomorrow was an amazing album that is one of my all time favorite albums.

No World For Tomorrow was released in 2007. It was the conclusion to The Armory Wars series.

Three years later we have The Year of the Black Rainbow, which is a prequel to the series. So far this prequel is sounding pretty good. I've been listening to Year of the Black Rainbow all day, and I love it. If you love Progressive Rock, or you just want to hear something unlike anything you've ever heard before, be sure to check out Coheed and Cambria's newest album, The Year of the Black Rainbow.

Concept art for Coheed and Cambria.

I'm a little shocked by the content of this album. The songs are a lot less violent, dark, depressing and disturbing. While previous songs from previous albums have sung about burying people alive (Welcome Home) this album features several softer more love-like songs. Either way, it still sounds fantastic, and it does have its share of dark songs that we fans have come to love.

I don't think that Year of the Black Rainbow is their best album, but it is definitely one of the best from them.

Now that I think about it, their third album has the longest album title I have ever heard of. It's called: "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Volume I: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness." I dare someone to find a longer album title than that.

I know that this blog post was all over the place, but I don't care. I just wanted to quickly post my thoughts about one of my favorite bands newest albums.


  1. Dude. Love this band. Just got into them actually. I like their sound.
    The cover art for no word for tomorrow is just epic.

  2. So informative. Play if for me sometime/

  3. I will have to check it out now! I know, Tiny doesn't like them, but maybe I will..