Monday, May 10, 2010

Movies and Games... and a random thought process thing in the end.

I know! I am a liar! I promised that I wouldn't blog about movies anymore... or for a while. But I have no choice in the matter! Hear me out before you begin to throw full wine bottles at your computer screen!

It was on the night of Saturday the eighth of May, 2010. My family and girlfriend all went and saw the new film "Iron Man 2." Just so everyone knows, I did not like the movie. I personally think the first Iron Man movie was much much better than the new film... I'll have a full review out in a few days... I need to... straighten my thoughts before I write a review.

On a more bright side, let's talk about video games! I don't generally care for video games. (Final Fantasy is the exception.) When I was a younger chap I thought that video games were the greatest things ever created. But then my eyes were opened, and now I think they're rubbish. Butt! Some are still okay to play.

An example of a video game that is okay to play is LittleBigPlanet, or LBP for short. LBP is a game that basically allows the player to create anything that he/she desires. The game was released on the Playstation 3 only in 2008, and it won severally awards from critics, including the Game of the Year award. The game in other words, is freaking awesome. It has fun stylized "cartoony" graphics that always make me smile and laugh when I play the game.

Yesterday, LittleBigPlanet 2 was announced and it looks awesome!

My brothers have been playing the new Call of Duty game, and I'm not a fan. Sure it looks cool, but it's way too violent and brutal for my taste. Plus, you have to kill dogs... which I do not like.

Also, there's a new Medal of Honor game coming out, and it actually looks good! The old Medal of Honor games are classics. The newer ones kind of suck a lot. If you don't know, Medal of Honor is a game series created by Steven Spielberg that honors that soldiers and Vets. It was a once a proud series. Every game was amazing, but lately the games haven't been good. The new game looks amazing.

So yeah. I'm not feeling good. I feel sick, and I don't know why. I wanted to show everyone that LittleBigPlanet trailer... now that I have, I think I'm done. I'll probably go lie down now... but I have homework to do. So I guess I'll go do that instead. I have to type up a ten minute play for drama, so far it's not going well, but it's a work in progress. Maybe I'll post that as my next post when it's done... maybe. (Don't get your hopes up. If anyone has any... if anyone even reads this anymore.)

I'm done now. I feel like I've just been talking about nothing now.... I kind of feel pathetic having blogged about video games that I'm not even going to buy. Video games are a waste of time. So why have I blogged about them? I don't know.

Okay, I'm done now... for now.
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  1. LBP is freaking awesome and Iron Man 2 looked crappy.
    I am not a big Modern Warfare 2 fan. I dont even think ill pick up the next Medal of Honor just because it is modern day.
    I LOVED the old Medal of Honor games that took place in WWII.
    Those games were awesome.