Monday, July 26, 2010

Drama Council Is Where The Cool People Are

I haven't updated the old blog in a while. Mainly because my internet went crazy and I couldn't get it fixed until this last sunday... but now it is back, and I'm updating my nerdy blog in glorious 1080 p. (Nerd Jokes.)

So what's new in the life of Brandon Prows since I last updated my blog? Mainly just Drama Council. If you are not yet aware of the fact that I am now involved in the drama program at Provo High, then now is the time for us to change that. John Lennon rules.

I have been into the whole acting thing my entire life. (Although most of it was in film.) Now that I've settled into my senior year of high school, I've decided to take a leap of faith and go into the drama business. Sure, the kids in the drama program are weird; but so am I, and for the most part, I get along with all of them. I think it's about time that I stop ignoring the fact that I am on Drama Council, and take this moment to talk about each person individually on Drama Council.

Brian Wing

Brian is our loyal leader in Drama Council. He is the president, and a mighty good one. He is in charge of EVERYTHING, and we have to do his bidding/evil deeds. He's the one on top, the only person with more power is Mr. Bauer... when you think about it, that's kind of scary, since he is Brian, and Mr. Bauer is Mr. Bauer. But we all have good faith in him. All of our meetings are held in secret at his house, and it's really nice of him (and his parents) to put up with us coming over to his house all the time and staying all day... because our Drama Council meetings sometimes go from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm... Wow. Great guy, huh?

Abi Roundy

The charming Abi Roundy is our Vice-President. She's a lovable and very kind person. I personally think that Abi is the nicest person on earth. The only problem Abi and I have is the fact that she doesn't let me take pictures of her... ever. This picture is a one in a million shot. She never lets me or anyone else take pictures of her. My goal is to have her let me take pictures of her by the end of the year... but that's like trying to get penguin to fly.

McKenna Austin

This is McKenna. She's the... uh... to be honest, I don't remember what position she has on Drama Council. But! She's a very valuable member of Council. We all value her ideas and opinions. The only problem I have with McKenna is that she's even worse than Abi when it comes to allowing me to take pictures of her. Mind you, taking pictures IS MY JOB. (I'm not a creeper!) Almost nobody on Drama Council allows me to do my job... McKenna is very nice, and she likes to hit me when I take pictures of her. Just so everyone knows, I didn't take this picture of her. (I stole it from her facebook because I have no pictures of her.)

Kenzie Nelson

It may look like Kenzie allowed me take this picture of her, but she actually didn't. I snapped this shot when she was laughing and had her eyes closed! Kenzie is our Secretary on Drama Council, and is without a doubt THE WORST person on Council when it comes to taking pictures. Yes, even worse than McKenna... Kenzie and I fight every Council over pictures. I don't think that she realizes that I would leave her alone if she would just let me take ONE picture of her... it makes me frustrated. Luckily though, Kenzie is one of my most favorite people on the planet. So that equals out my... frustration.

Maren Wilson

Maren was the historian last year. She has a new position this year, and once again, I don't know what it is. Maren has one of my favorite smiles. She is also one of the only people on Council that lets me take pictures of her. Thank goodness for people like Maren. Maren also always smiles for the camera, and she and I get along very well. Maren is definitely one of my favorite people on Council. Her bright personality prevents us all from wanting to tear each other in half. Note, the dog that Maren is holding is our Drama Council mascot, Dexter. He's named after the TV show Dexter. He's Brian's dog.

Melissa Howarth

Melissa is our Spirit Chair person... or some weird title like that. She's not only the most enthusiastic person on Drama Council, but she's also the worst psychiatrist on earth... by the end of our session, her conclusion on me was that I am a failure at life. (Thanks.) Melissa is like Maren, and she lets me take pictures of her for the sake of the job of the Historian. She also has an incredible talent/hobby of making things out of duct tape. She can make rings, bags, underwear, you name it. Strange talent, but definitely awesome.

Jewell Ridd

For some reason this is the only picture I have of JC... Her name is Jewell, but we call her JC. She has some important position on Drama Council... yes, I forgot it. (I suck.) JC is one of the good guys, and she allows me to take a picture of her. She even smiles for them every single time. More people (Kenzie) should be like JC and smile for the camera. Like Kenzie, JC is one of my most favorite people. She's also a hard worker on Council, and she and Kenzie makes sure that me and Brian don't get too off topic. (Which happens a lot.) She'll take all of our notes and completely redo them so that they all work together better. She's a valuable member of our Council, and we probably wouldn't have half of our work done without her.


So, that's everybody on Drama Council. (Not counting me. I don't like to talk about myself.) You can expect me to be updating my blog frequently with news on what's going on in Drama Council, or just in the Drama program at Provo High. So until I update my blog again, here are some pictures of some of our meetings for everyone to enjoy.

This is Brian playing with a voo doo doll...

As you can tell by this picture, Jewell is always incredibly excited to be at our Council meetings.

Maren and I smile for the camera.

These notes show how much work we actually get done in a our meetings...

This incredible duct tape ring is a great example of how talented Melissa is. She sells rings and other things made out of duct tape every Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

Drama Council has been a lot of fun so far. I can say that people can expect some huge things this year from Drama. Especially regarding the Murder Mystery Dinner.... it's going to be epic. So until then, stay tuned on my nerdy blog!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colonial Schooling - A review of the past month

Unfortunately in the past I was kind of a really big idiot.

During my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I was kind of a bozo. I big bozo, I might add. I failed nearly every class that I took my freshmen year. (Except Computer Tech. I'll NEVER take that class again.) So, over the years I've been slowly making up all of those classes through packets and such.

However, packets can only get a person so far...

I never wanted to face the truth. And the truth was that I was eventually going to have to take summer school to make amends for my sins in the past. Unfortunately, this summer was the summer that I was destined to take summer school.

And June 7th was the day that I was sentenced to two classes of Biology and two classes of Algebra 1, each class being back to back. So that's three straight hours of Biology and then three more hours of Algebra 1. Holy suck!!!

I knew what I was getting myself into, and I knew that in the end it would ultimately be worth it. Which it was... sort of. If I hadn't failed in the first place, then I would never have had to taken the hell known as summer school. But I did take it.

On the last day of summer school I decided to take a camera so that I could take a handful of pictures for my nerdy blog that I doubt anybody still reads. (Except for Facundo.)

So, during my adventures at summer school I spent a great amount of time with Christian and Johnny. Christian was acting like a girl, and didn't want me to take a picture. Johnny wanted to make it look like he was actually doing some work. (Which he was.) I took this picture, but I don't think it turned out that great.

I had to get a picture of our Biology teacher, Mrs. Williams. I had never met this woman before, but I think she's a fantastic teacher. She might think that I'm a little looney in the brain, but she worked hard to get me and EVERYONE including the laziest person, Jerry, (I hope you're reading this) to pass. I might want to add that I passed Biology with flying colors. Super easy class for me. I took this when she wasn't looking because I didn't want to ask her for a photo... that would have just led to some awkwardness. Marissa is in the background. She's a super nice girl.

I like this picture simply because George posed for it. He was cool with posing for a picture. More people need to be like George, because pictures like this are great for posting on blogs. We all gave George a bunch of compliments on his hair. Just look at it.

I wish I was a good person, and knew this guy's name. He sat behind me for an entire month, and we talked all the time, but I could never remember his name... I think it's Tom. And since I think it's Tom, I'm just going to refer to him as Tom.

So my final thoughts on summer school? I hated it. But it was fun. At least Biology was fun. I made some friends, and got to converse with some old ones. (Marlowe) Some of the fun memories I have of summer school are of me, Christian, Johhny, and Tom all deeply conversing and arguing about Transformers. Yes, we are all nerds, and we were having a rather heated argument on Transformers. (The movie sucks. Maybe I'll review it later.)

In the end, I won't miss summer school. It did give me some fun memories though, and I got to meet some people that I probably never would have had contact with. (Johnny)

The real thing everyone that reads my pathetic blog wants to know about with this post though, is what did Brandon Prows do with his Fourth of July this year?

It's a simple answer really:

Colonial Days.

What's colonial days? Well, Colonial Days is a free festival ran by my friend JC's family. To put it simple, you go to the festival, you volunteer to help out, they give you a costume, and you go and prance around like a colonial person. You even get to say, "Jolly good" and all of that jazz. If you know me well, then you know that I eat this kind of stuff up by the mouthful. I simply love it.

So that's what I did this fourth of July. I spent the weekend as a volunteer, not really doing anything, but still helping out at the Colonial Festival. Other than myself, the only volunteers that showed up were Josie Juarez, and Matt Barry. I had a fantastic time with these two, but I spent literally the whole weekend with my good friends JC and Kenzie.

This is the only picture I have Kenzie and JC together because I was an idiot and didn't take a camera to the festival. Kenzie is on the left, and JC is on the right. These two are two of my best friends in the entire world. We're all on drama council together, and they are both like younger sisters to me.

Out of all the people I spent my weekend with, I spent most of my weekend with Kenzie. JC was obviously busy running the festival, so Kenzie and I were often left doing... well, nothing. But we had a great amount of fun. We participated in the various activities that were held. And I got to meet some incredible people. (Some already knew me, which was kind of... weird.) I wish more people had come and volunteered, because it really was a lot of fun. I guess that they were all too busy. More than anything though, I wish I had taken a camera for pictures.

Next year, I'll be sure to bring a camera; if I go again.

I simply had a fantastic fourth of July this year. Here's to the rest of the year, and to summer school being over.