Sunday, August 1, 2010

Roger Waters, Las Vegas, Novemeber 26th 2010

My soul is filled with grief. Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite band in the world is Pink Floyd. I LOVE Pink Floyd. In my opinion, they are the greatest and most unique band of all time. Their psychedelic blues mixed with some intense philosophical lyrics were a match made in heaven. Unfortunately they broke up in 1996, and for years I had given up any chance of seeing them live. (I don't care about the Australian cover band.) If I could see any band in the world, I would choose Pink Floyd. Yes, I would see Pink Floyd live even over The Beatles, or Michael Jackson. (Long live Michael!)

Today I was bored and doing my usual gig. I was reading about Pink Floyd, listening to Pink Floyd, singing Pink Floyd, playing Pink Floyd on guitar, etc. It was pretty much your normal Sunday until I read something that caught my eye instantly.

"Roger Waters The Wall Tour 2010-2011"

Holy PooP.

Roger Waters was the bassist to Pink Floyd. He was the mastermind behind albums such as, "Dark Side of the Moon," "Wish You Were Here," "Animals," and of course, "The Wall." In other words, Roger Waters pretty much is Pink Floyd. Seeing him live is the closest I would ever get to seeing Pink Floyd. David Gilmoure, the lead guitarist to Pink Floyd, is also supposed to make a special appearance in one of the concerts, and play Comfortably Numb with Waters...

Holy PooP.

Roger Waters is coming to Las Vegas in November, and I would go and see him, but as with everything else in life, I am completely out of luck. I have no way to get to Vegas. I have the money for the tickets and everything, but... yeah. I am depressed, and very upset... VERY upset.

I need someone to blame for this bad string of bad luck.


Damn you communists.

I will probably blog more about this later, but for now, I am too pissed off to care right now.


  1. D:
    Sorry about that bro. I am sure you will come up with the money somehow.
    I know where you are coming from. My favorite band (paramore) was in salt lake and I couldnt go for pretty much the same reasons.
    But just keep trying, and im sure you will be able to attend.

  2. wait. all you need is a ride? brandon. i'm sure we can find a solution. rides can be arranged. people have cars. people like me have cars. don't loose hope.

  3. I love Pink Floyd too! I use to not care for them very much. I always labeled them as "Stoner Rock". But, I had a change of heart this past year after I listened to "The Wall". That is one amazing album!! The movie is pretty cool too.

    I would like to see Roger Waters live. That would be so cool! I hope he comes to my home town. I know how you feel about not getting to see your favorite band live. Every time Mötley Crüe goes on tour, they fail to come to Oklahoma! BOO HOO.

    -Raven (:

  4. Dude, if I didn't think your mom would throw a fit, I would take you and Christina. But alas, I know she would freak out!

  5. You will find a way!!!