Monday, January 3, 2011

COUNTDOWN: The Top Ten Movie Trailers of 2010


It's that time of the year when I begin my countdown's of the best movies of the last year. Yes, it's true that 2010 had a lot of great movies. But what made 2010 stand out as a great movie year is not only the movies the but amazing trailers that Hollywood has made for us to view. Like I have said before, I love movie trailers. A good movie trailer catches my attention and will probably have me on youtube so I can view it over and over again. The following trailers are all trailers that instantly made me want to see the film, and had me viewing the trailer multiple times. In order for a trailer to make it onto this list, it must be entertaining and provide a wanting to see the full-film.

10. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

It turns out that Michael Cera can act. The trailer to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World made me actually want to see a movie starring an actor that I have never been able to stand. (Sorry Kimmie.) Like the movie, the trailer to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World features spot on editing that only director Edgar Wright could pull off. I'll admit that the first few times I saw this trailer I thought it was terrible simply because it featured Michael Cera. But after I threw away my biased opinions, I found this to be a trailer that was almost on par with the brilliant and witty film.

9. True Grit

The original True Grit is a widely known and very respected western classic. So when the Coen brothers first made the daring announcement that they were planning on remaking the film, western junkies all around the country freaked out. Some people got so mad that they even shot their television screens with guns. (True fact.) The only thing that was stopping people from going out and killing the Coen brothers in cold blood was some knowledge that the movie would be solely based off of the novel, True Grit. Other than that single fact, audiences would have to wait with their shot guns loaded until the release of the trailer to find out what the movie would look like. And the trailer doesn't disappoint. The trailer not only features some stunning cinematography, but it also includes Johnny Cash singing his old country blues, AND stellar cast featuring Jeff Bridges. Oh yeah. Fantastic trailer, stunning visuals. Very well mix.

8. The Crazies

Remember when horror movies used to be good? It seems that as the years have gone by Hollywood has lost all capabilities of being able to make any good scary movies. With the exception being the ORIGINAL Paranormal Activity, there really haven't been that many good horror flicks in recent years. The Crazies trailer makes it very clear that it's going to be making a very broad attempt at redeeming a tired and overdone genre, the zombie flick. The trailer to the Crazies caught my eye because it has a different feel to the zombie flick. It makes the emphasis on the fact that the zombies are your family members and friends. Plus, the trailer gives off this great paranoid sense and fear of being quarantined and not knowing who you can trust. It's a freaky trailer, and almost makes you feel claustrophobic; and it easily caught my attention. Not to mention that it features Gary Jules singing Mad World.

7. 127 Hours

Danny Boyle returns to the cinema's with a movie about some guy that gets his arm stuck under a rock and ends up having to cut it off with a dull pocket knife. Cool, huh? Does that sound really entertaining? No? Well, I can't blame you for thinking so. Who honestly wants to watch a movie that was so graphic and intense that people actually fainted and started to vomit during the selling point of the film? Well, after watching the trailer to 127 Hours, you can't help but wonder how great of a movie it's actually going to be. The trailer alone is a piece of art, that makes you wonder how the final piece will turn out. (And boy is it something to watch.)

6. The Town

Normally the idea of a movie featuring nuns that rob a bank sounds preposterous. But Ben Affleck's, The Town makes that seem like the coolest idea ever with it's phenomenal trailer. The trailer is one of the largest trailers of the year, featuring some intense action, drama, and most importantly, a plot. Several people would argue that it shows a little too much plot, but I don't agree. The Town's trailer almost feels like a movie in itself, and it had me so pumped to see this film that I must have watched this at least two dozen times before finally going to see the movie.

5. The Fighter

The first thing that the trailer to The Fighter shows, is how much weight Christian Bale is willing to lose for a movie And after that you're probably going to feel inspired and such other feelings of great euphoria since this trailer is super epic, and inspiring. The trailer alone almost makes you feel like The Fighter might be the next Rocky. The only problem with the trailer is when they flash the title of the movie. THE FIGHTER. How original.

4. TRON: Legacy

A sequel to the 1980's cult classic, Tron, seems way overdue. And quite frankly, when they announced that they were planning on making a sequel, I thought that the movie would be dumb and that it would suffer of heavy sequelitis. But then I saw the trailer. The advertising campaign to TRON: Legacy is without a doubt one of the biggest in history. The vast scope of the trailers, posters, TV spots, etc. is almost unmatched. The third trailer is the one that really did it for me though. Not only does it show off a fancy computer animated Jeff Bridges, but it also shows some INCREDIBLE visuals, gives us some hints on the plot, shows us a hot chick and has a killer soundtrack. The list goes on and on with why this trailer is so great. But to really put it simple, it's just epic. I would admit to how many times I have watched this trailer, but it if I did you would all lose the little respect that you have left for me. (And I've lost count.)

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The finale to Harry Potter has never looked so epic. Heck, Harry Potter in general has never looked so epic. In fact, it looks so epic, that I'd say the trailer to the Deathly Hallows was actually more epic than the movie itself. I know I'm not the only one when I say that this trailer gave me and still does give me goosebumps when I watch it. This trailer is without a doubt the most epic trailer of the year, and probably one of the most epic of all time. It's a little hard to not want to go and see the movie after seeing the trailer. It's hard to find a trailer that's better than this one. Maybe the LITERAL trailer is better... you be the judge.

2. The Social Network

Sure, the poster is terrible. And many would argue that the trailer is too. The trailer did manage gain a ton of attention and it didn't fail at spawning countless spoofs and parodies, and sure a lot of people lost their last hope and respect for Hollywood by seeing that they were actually going to be making a "facebook movie." And in all honesty, it's a little hard to not lose respect and think of all the cuss words you know at Hollywood for stooping so low as to make a movie based off of a website. But then, you actually get to watching the trailer... and sure, it features a slightly creepy version of Radiohead's Creep by Scala, but the trailer is just a small taste of the what the actual film shows to be promising. The trailer shows off in an almost bragging manner, Alan Sorkin's brilliant witty dialogue, and David Fincher's spot on editing/directing. Plus the trailer shows some amazing acting from an incredibly random but talented looking ensemble cast.

I will admit that when I first saw this trailer I thought that the movie looked dumb... and then the trailer actually started moving forward and this movie easily jumped to the top of my must-see list.

1. The King's Speech

It might be surprising to the few people that actually still read my blog, that this is my choice of the number one trailer in 2010. But my reasons are sound. The biggest reason was that after seeing this trailer I was pretty much desperate to see The King's Speech. No other trailer combined such a great mix of emotions and feelings into a single trailer. And no other trailer showed off the talent of it's actors, directors, writers and even cinematographers as well. By the end of this trailer my sister was telling me that she won't be surprised when this movie wins "Best Picture." And after seeing this trailer it's hard to not agree. It has laughs, drama and a little bit of romance. Sound perfect? That's because it is. Unlike all of the other trailers on this list, only The King's Speech had perfect pacing, and was interesting from beginning to end.

Well, that's my list of the Top Ten Movie Trailers of 2010. Be sure to check out my blog later this week to find out my Top Ten Movies of 2010.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've almost seen all of those. And All of them were really good. I do the same thing! I will watch trailers over and over again, if they're good.

  2. Very nice post.. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Good post Brandon! Do you still hate Michael Cera?
    xoxo Christina G.

  4. Absolutely agree about Michael Cera. I had the exact same thoughts before I saw him in "Scott Pilgrim". His acting actually impressed me to the point where I could tolerate his occassional whiny antics in the movie, lol